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PomPrint Calendar Candidates for 2015

We have decided to make our PomPrint 2015 Calendar a little different from previous years.

This year we are going to put the theme of local photographs on hold and use some of our artwork that we have produced and accumulated over the years and never put to good use. I am also including some work from an American friend of mine to add a bit of variety.

The slide show below will give you all a preview of the designs that we have already picked, and I will be asking our customers to help me out by picking their favourite twelve from the selection some time in the not-too-distant future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As soon as I have managed to work out how to carry out polls on WordPress, I will be giving our readers a chance to have their say. In the meantime, constructive comments will be very much welcomed.

I would like to thank my good friend Darren Shipp for allowing me to use his work on this project.

Tutorial – Creating your own Photo Clip Art – Part 1 (Introduction)

As promised over the last few weeks, I have put together this small tutorial, designed to help our customers to produce quality photo clip art using their own photographs and Free Open Source Software (known as FOSS). My aim is to get as many people as possible contributing to this blog and as a consequence, helping us to produce a helpful resource library of images and clip art that can be used by our customers, artists, children, and anyone at all who enjoys producing digital images for pleasure. In order to make it as palatable as possible, I have split it into ‘bite-sized’ chunks, as I intend to go in depth on most of the topics covered. This first part is designed to serve as a ‘Prologue’ in the hope that it will gather a bit of interest amongst our readers. Continue reading Tutorial – Creating your own Photo Clip Art – Part 1 (Introduction)

New Functionality added tonight.

As a first step towards increased functionality and usefulness, I have started a group of pages which are geared towards helping customers with their designs.

This area will eventually contain Clip Art (both drawn and photographic), Font illustrations, Colour swatches, Design ideas for a variety of events, and a whole lot more.

Please click here to visit this area.

If you would like to contribute art, please make yourself known to me. Please note that submissions must be your own work and carry a Creative Commons Commercial Share Alike license.

I will be posting an article about CC licensing at a later date.