AM 2 PM Competition 20

Once again, we extend a warm welcome to the listeners of Waves Radio to our online competition which runs in conjunction with the AM2PM show hosted by Brian Daniel, every weekday from 10am to 2pm on 101.2 FM.

As we are in the season for bathing, either in the sea or in our local swimming pool, or in our own baths or showers after a warm summer’s day, we have a prize that is suitable for the occasion. In order to be in with a chance of winning one of our towel bales (RRP £35), all that you have to do is identify where in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire I was when I took the photo shown in this posting and fill in your personal details in the form below, along with the name of the town in which you think it was taken.

The competition will close on Saturday 20th July and the winner will be announced on the AM2PM show and on here on Monday 22th July. The winner of the last competition was Norman Price, a Waves Radio listener in Plymouth, and he has been asked to choose his bale of towels. Norman, along with only 1 other, correctly identified the Balmedie Country Club. This week, we also had no incorrect answers, so well done to you both.

After a difficult week last week with only two entries this week we have made it much easier so I am expecting lots of correct answers this time around.   I would like to thank everyone who has voted in my poll so far and, once again, ask that if you have not yet made your comment about the difficulty, or otherwise, of these puzzles, please register your vote below:

[poll id=”6″]

The results of the poll so far are indicating that the difficulty level of these puzzlers is about right, so if you disagree, please register your vote!

Below, you will find this fortnight’s puzzler. Please click on it to enlarge.


Where in Aberdeenshire is this photo taken???

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