New Season – New Prizes

Now that we have had more than two successive days with temperatures staying on the positive size of the Celsius scale, we at PomPrint have declared it springtime at last.

With the arrival of the new season, we have decided that we should give a spring clean to our prize cupboard, and introduce something more appropriate to the glorious Scottish summer, and what could be more appropriate than towels?

For the spring and summer months, we are changing the fortnightly prize for our ‘Location Puzzler’ competition from the highly successful range of Quadra bags, to beautiful, soft bales of towels, to use on the beach, or to dry yourself off after taking a shower to cool down, after a day in the blistering summer heat here in Northeast Scotland. You could even use them to dry yourself in the unlikely even that you get stuck in a shower.

The towel bales come in a choice of 3 colours, Aqua, Fuchsia and White and comprise:-

PomPrint Towel Bales
Description Width Height
Washing Glove 16 cm 22 cm
Guest Towel 30 cm 50 cm
Hand Towel 50 cm 100 cm
Bath Towel 70 cm 140 cm
Bath Sheet 100 cm 180 cm
PomPrint Towel Bales
PomPrint Towel Bales, available in 3 colours, are the new prizes for our fortnightly competition in conjunction with Waves Radio.

To tie in with the towel theme, we have also supplied Waves with Dressing Gowns to give away as prizes on Brian Daniel’s AM2PM show, which airs daily from 10am to 2pm on 101.2 FM. Why not tune in to Brian’s show and see if you can win one for yourself?

Waves Dressing Gown
One of the new prizes that can be won on Waves Radio’s AM2PM daily competition.

We hope that you like our towel bales, which have a RRP of £35, and hope that you will take a look at our new season of Location Puzzler competitions, starting on here on Monday.

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