It’s that time of year again!

As the snow starts to fall, once again, on Richard Allen House and its environs, I am reminded that it is the time of year for all things Rock Challenge and Moonlight Prowl.

This year's 'Uniform' for Westhill Academy's Rock Challenge entry.
This year’s ‘Uniform’ for Westhill Academy’s Rock Challenge entry.

We have already been beavering away at various Rock Challenge designs, and we have just produced our first sample for this year’s Moonlight Prowl T-Shirts.

Images from previous Moonlight Prowls
Images from previous Moonlight Prowls

Make certain that you keep up to date with these events by registering with this blog. We will be giving you updates on the various school Rock Challenge entries, and details on how you can join in with this year’s moonlight prowl, raising money for breast cancer research. Also, if your school is involved in the Rock Challenge, why not drop me a line on here and let me know about it?

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