AM2PM Competition – Number 8

Once again, we at PomPrint Designs extend another big welcome to Waves Radio listeners to our blog, and I hope that you will like our fortnightly Location Puzzler competitions.

All that you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of our Quadra bags is to identify where in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire I was when I took the photo shown in this posting and fill in your personal details in the form below, along with the name of the town in which you think it was taken.

The competition will close on Saturday 2nd February and the winner will be announced on the AM2PM show and on here on Monday 4th February. The winner of the last competition was Robert Stephen, a Waves Radio listener in the Fraserburgh area, and he has been asked to choose his prize. Robert, along with 21 others, correctly identified the beach at New Aberdour. This week, we only had one wrong answer. If you have not yet made your comment about the difficulty, or otherwise, of these puzzles, please register your vote below:

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The location shot for puzzler number 8 is seen below. Click on image for a larger view.

AM2PM Number 8
Where in Aberdeenshire would you find a scene like this, which is an obvious candidate for use as a jigsaw puzzle? If you know where this was taken, why not enter our competition?

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