Tripitaka has a quest for you!

When I set up this blog at the end of January, one of the objectives that I set myself was to make it into a library of clip art and photoclips to help up-and-coming artists. I made a few tutorials on producing photoclips using the free software GIMP, and hoped for a few contributions from readers. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened, so I have decided to start producing a few interesting images of my own in the hope that members might join me.

A carved version of 70’s cult classic Monkey.

Last night I spent an hour or so extracting a wooden carving of one of my favourite TV characters ‘Monkey’ (seen above), who has now been submitted to our photoclip library for your use. If anyone would like to contribute to this gallery, just let me know and please remember that you will have to use a CC-BY-SA license on your work (or make it CC0 – Public Domain), so that it can legally be used as intended. If you are interested in CC licensing for your own work, I recommend that you click on the link at the bottom of this page and see how it can help you.

As we have now started making a weekly puzzle, I will take this opportunity to add another ‘poser’ to our members:-

What were the names of Monkey’s other two companions on his quest?

Once again, there are no prizes for this. I thought that it might be a bit of fun for some of you that grew up in the 1970’s and watched badly-dubbed Japanese TV programs!!

Please try and contribute to our galleries. Your work will be accepted regardless of quality (within reason).

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