Congratulations to our Winners

Week 1 Competition
The Marine Aquarium on Macduff. Correctly identified by our two "Where's Waves?" winners this week.

High noon has now passed, so I have closed the “Where’s Waves?” competition for the week and I am pleased to say that we had two winners who managed to identify last week’s location as the Marine Aquarium in Macduff. Hilary and Nigel will have their Quadra bags posted in their respective directions tomorrow!

For those of you who are not familiar with the ‘Ping’ label, it is a luxury label in the Golfwear market and can be found all over our Golfing Catalogues. The reason why I mention this is that I spent some time this week looking for suitably attractive prizes for the second competition and I consider myself fortunate in the fact that I came across a box of Ping Polo Shirts of a line that has now been discontinued.

Ping Polo
The Ping Club III Polo Shirt - as worn by "yours truly"!

The plus side of this is that you will have goods of an exceptional quality as prizes this week, the down side is that I only found shirts in two sizes, Small and Large, so your choice will be limited to these two sizes (I am wearing the small polo as I type this and it fits perfectly – I would normally expect to wear a medium size).

You will see a picture of the polo shirt being modeled by our attractive model in the image (left).

If you would like a chance of winning one of these polos, you will have to listen to our “Into the Weekend” show on Waves Radio on Friday at 6 pm to find out how. All that I will say for now is that, with three of these on offer, don’t expect the competition to be too easy this week!!

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