Inkscape Tutorial – Art Nouveau Swirls

As promised, I have now produced another screencast Inkscape tutorial to show how to make ‘Art Nouveau’ style motifs, which you can use on your own projects, or as part of a border (tutorial to follow). I have not yet fully mastered the production techniques but, thanks to Nigel and Ray, I know what I have to work on with regard to this aspect.

Could I therefore request that any critiques be addressed to the content, rather than the quality (or lack of quality) of the video this time around. I need to know if it is understandable, if I am going too fast, too slow etc.

Please feel free to comment this post with any constructive ideas.

I hope that you found this of interest, and that it may have inspired one or two of you to give Inkscape ‘a go’, especially as it will cost you nothing. I would also be interested to see what you guys can produce, so please feel free to send us your efforts.

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