Video Test – A Short Tutorial

This posting is very much a trial to see if I am able to use my current set-up to produce video tutorials. I have no idea if this will work on any operating system other than my own, so I would really appreciate all of your feedback on this. Please click to watch.

I have spent some time trying to embed this and, thanks to my friend @squidjam on twitter (other social media sites are available) we appear to have a functional video!!!

Any way, enjoy the (test) tutorial..I hope that it is useful!

4 thoughts on “Video Test – A Short Tutorial”

  1. I watched the tutorial and it started and played perfectly.

    As for comments, I should not say anything about something I have never done myself before. But, voice was perfectly clear though I feel the level could have been turned up a little. I had previousley been watching other you tube videos and the volume on them was somewhat louder.

    The other thing I should say is something I have seen many times with watching lots of You Tube tutorial videos and that is… The size of the screenshot. How can I explain, with Inkscape there is a lot of detail in any one page and a lot of text in various menus. When giving a tutorial, it is not always easy to listen to the voice, plus watch the curser and try to read the screenshot at the same time. I dont know the answer though or even if there is an answer. Perhaps it is possible to only show the part of the screen that is relevant to what is being talked about, therefore making the text on the screenshot bigger and readable.

    1. Thanks for this Nigel. What you are suggesting is indeed possible, but I would not be able to do it in a single ‘take’. I therefore need to learn how to use yet another program to stitch it together.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ray. Would you be happy for me to do one showing how to make the (flat) kettlebell? This would make a good starter for an Inkscape novice I think.

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