April Competition Reminder.

Just a little reminder to all our readers that we will be running a prize draw for all subscribers to this blog. The prize will be a Craghoppers Jacket as shown in the posting for our March competition. This is available in a variety of colours and sizes, and there is also a ladies’ version available. The winner will be able to chose colour, size and type. The prize also includes free delivery to any address in the UK.

To enter this draw, all that you have to do is become a subscriber to this blog. By subscribing, you will get sent an email every time that we make a new posting (about once a day). That’s all!! There will be no spamming your mailbox with offers! You can even unsubscribe after the draw has been made, but we hope that you won’t, of course.

Employees of PomPrint Designs and their immediate families are ineligible for entry. All customers however, are welcome. The winner will be decided by a random number draw on May 1st.

One thought on “April Competition Reminder.”

  1. I too, am a Linux user and have been using it for about 3 years now. I was very aprehensive in the beginning and thought I just would not be able to cope as its all for geeks. But I soon found out I was totally wrong. it is just as easy as Windows without the problems of Windows. I still have so much to learn but can at least get by now. I wont carry on about Linux here as I would still be typing several hours later but 2 of the biggest advantages of Linux are no viruses and free software. Just having no viruses and all the problems that come with them makes it so much easier to keep the computer in top condition.

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