Situations Vacant

North East Embroidery, Printing and Sign Company PomPrint Designs are looking to recruit Followers who are willing to make short, learnèd, witty comments on their somewhat flimsy blog postings in an effort to create an atmosphere of bonhomie amongst its followers.

Hours: Whatever you fancy..we are here 24/7

Pay: You’re joking, right? You could win a jacket or something else more valuable if Billy speaks nicely to our suppliers.

Terms: We reserve the right not to accept your musings if they are not appropriate, or are far more witty than ours (which, let’s face it, will not be too difficult).

The successful applicants will be tasked with making this blog a more lively and interesting place to visit, and will also endeavour to relieve the great British public from my incessant ramblings by diverting my attention from making regular postings.

Please apply by adding your email address to the ‘subscribe’ widget on the top right. You know it makes sense!

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