Using Photoclips

Further to my tutorials last week, I noticed that I still need to explain how to use the photo clips that we made to make up a whole image. I will therefore select a few appropriate pieces over the next few days and use these to produce another GIMP tutorial explaining some of the other controls, and how to use layers functionality of the program. I hope that you found the earlier ones easy to follow and of some use. I still await feedback on this.

Welcome to our village
Welcome to our village

The image above is just a bit of fun and has been made as a temporary measure to illustrate where we are going with this. Unfortunately, the direction of the light on the objects is inconsistent, so they do not appear quite as ‘real’ as they might. You should recognise the cow and the daffodil from elsewhere in this blog, the ‘street scene’ and the ‘pavement painting’ are my own photos. This is not really designed to be ‘artistic’, more to illustrate some of the things that we will be covering shortly.

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